Case Study:
Leading Public Cloud Provider Accelerates Data Centre Delivery By 10%

Learn how a global tech giant streamlined its scheduling technology and avoided billions in delay-related costs with Foresight.


Facing shareholder pressure to deliver dozens of new data centres, this public cloud provider needed a scheduling tool that could help it overcome risk, increase productivity, and uncover critical insights to accelerate delivery. The stakes were high, with each day of delay costing $1.4M.

To achieve its goals, our client implemented Foresight with the following aims:

  • Build faster and hit their 16-month delivery targets
  • Eliminate delays and disruptive schedule compression measures
  • Consolidate their sprawling internal and external supply ecosystem tools
  • Streamline commissioning and “last mile” operations

With the help of Foresight, our client saw a 10% increase in speed of delivery for its data centres. To learn how they did it, fill out the form to download the full case study!

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