Case Study:
Crossrail Exceeds Delivery Targets With Foresight

Learn how Crossrail increased its run rate by 400% and accelerated delivery by more than a year.


With its innovative rail project running three years behind schedule, Crossrail needed a solution that could help it achieve “done done” status as efficiently as possible. To do so, Crossrail’s executives and project teams needed clear, up-to-date data about project priorities, upcoming risks, and key decisions to be made.

To achieve its goals, Crossrail implemented Foresight with the following aims:

  • Consolidate fragmented information into forward-looking dashboards 
  • Identify at-risk activities and bottlenecks requiring urgent attention 
  • Verify the remaining project schedule and measure real-time progress

With the help of Foresight, Crossrail increased its run-rate by 400%, accelerated delivery by more than a year, and avoided more than £300M in delay-related costs. To learn how they did it, fill out the form to download the full case study!

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